We are looking for Distributors

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S2Tech srl looks for resellers strong in the automation and weighing field, offering a wide product portfolio, able to meet the different needs of today’s applications, with emphasis to Industry 4.0.

Most of our range of products, designed and suggested by S2Tech, can be equipped with digital electronics with Field buses to be used on applications where fast (CANopen) or slow (Modbus) measurements are needed.

We have focused on “royalty freed” filed buses, in order to minimize cost of the application, but we are ready to work on applications where measurement data have to be transmitted using other communication media (wired or wireless).   In addition to digital product versions, we are in position to offer more traditional signal options, with analog outputs – amplified or not amplified – for the most usual standards.

We offer standard products to measure and control weight, force, pressure, acceleration, level, tilt, displacement, suggesting with the transducers all the needed electronics and software needed to treat and display measured data.   We are in position to follow Your Customer’s requirements, customizing existing products or designing new ones, in a fast and effective way.

Who is interested, is asked to send a brief Company presentation, with a description of the structure and the applications where You are active, with the geographic area where You work. Get in touch with our Milano headquarter or send a mail at [dt_sc_email icon=”fa-envelope” text=”Email” emailid=”[email protected]”/]

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