Remote control of water houses

Remote control of water houses

Water houses are a widespread phenomenon. They allow to distribute free water to people and to reduce plastic consumption. For a correct and secure water distribution, these structures have a complicated system inside. It is made up of tanks with food-grade CO2 and necesssary instruments for water filtering and sanitisation before being distributed.

Level CO2 control in tanks is fundamental to guarantee a constant distribution of water.

To make easier this monitoring activity, S2Tech offers load cells Series LT and load weighing device 699Plus.

LT05 load cells have a measuring range between 50 Kg and 500 Kg. They are extremely accurate and with a good price/performace ratio. Load weighing device 699Plus has an anlog output and three relays easy to configure. They allow to activate alarm levels in case of exceeding of prevoiusly set thresholds. Information and data registered by 699Plus can be transmitted using GSM communication.



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