Tensiometer TMT



The portable electronic Tensiometer TMT from S2Tech allows warp tension measurement with measuring range up to 2.000g. A portable digital display allows measurement processing with statistical functions, plus analog and digital output signals.

  • Measuring head allows to measure yarn groups up to 20 mm
  • Transducer’s light weight construction (300 g) allows measurements without disturbing yarn tensioning
  • Transducer can be used for fast mobile measurements or for long period measurements, by means of additional fixing points (vertical measurement allowed)
  • Displaying and storage of various tension measurements
  • Analog output: from 1 to 4 V
  • Digital outputs: RS232, RS 485 with ModBus or CANopen
  • No moving parts for ease of use and reduced maintenance
  • Transducer’s head is overload protected

TMT Tensiometer has been developed to provide a tool for the weaving industry that allows machine analysis, so to tune several machine for the same tensioning, for quality control, for development of new weaving solutions. The transducer can be easily applied on the yarn, due to a simple design, and is kept in position by means of a Velcro™ band, on transducer’s cable, to be fixed on the weaving machine. Additional fixing points on transducer’s body allow its rigid fixing to the machine frame.

Measured tensioning can be evaluated, as waveform, using the on-board amplified 1 to 4 V analog signal or by means of the provided digital outputs. Analog output is directly obtained from transducer’s signal by means of a dedicated analog amplifier, thus obtaining a signal bandwith unaffected by display sampling rate.

TMT’s digital display can send measurements to the weaving machine controller using CANopen or RS485 connection or can provide data to remote computer for signal analysis (RS232, RS485, CANopen).

TMT comes with default digital output with CANopen protocol.

Other outputs are available upon request and can be equipped on the device (digital outputs) or supplied with an external device (analog outputs)



±1 digit

Output signal type


Analog output


Digital output

, , ,

Converter A/D

through a programmable converter, 24 bit max, da 7,5 to 3,8 kHz as update frequency

Safety limit

110 % FS


Sampling frequency

3.8 kHx max


supplied with the A/D converter


Main measurements: up to 7 digits LCD, 11 mm height###Secondary measurements: up to 14 digits LCD, 6 mm height

Display update rate

10 times/sec (other values available on request)


up to 10 hours, through rechargeable battey (4 x NiMH AA, 2200 mA) or through external supply at 110/220 VAC with external transformer (supplied)

Air humidity

max 85%RH

Operating temperature


Transducer=aluminium alloy###Display=plastic


2 mt in PVC, it connects the transducer to the display


  • Measuring Full Scale (FS): 2.000 g (other values may be defined upon request)
  • Calibration: according to S2Tech internal procedure
  • Accuracy: ±1 digit
  • A/D conversion: by means of a programmable converter 24 bit max, 7,5 to 3,8kHz measurement update
  • Safe load limit: 110% FS, without accuracy guarantee
  • Overload protection: 150 % FS
  • Sampling rate: 3.8 kHx max
  • Damping : A/D converter provided and moving averaging
  • Display:
  • Main measurement: up to 7 digits LCD, 11 mm high
  • Secondary measurement: up to 14 digits LCD, 6 mm high
  • Display update time: 10 times/sec (other values are possible)
  • Analog output signal: 1 to 4 V, directly obtained from transducer’s signal by analogue amplification, so to achieve maximum signal bandwidth
  • Digital connectivity: RS 232, RS 485 with MODbus protocol or built-in CANopen
  • Power supply: up to 10 hours, battery powered (4 x NiMH AA batteries, 2200 mA) or line 110 /220 AC with external transformer (provided)
  • Working temperature range: from 10 to 45 °C
  • Air humidity: 85%RH, max
  • Material: Transducer = Aluminium alloy ; Display = plastic
  • Cable wiring : 2 mt PVC wire, from transducer to display

Tensiometro TMT

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