LLT portable tensiometer


  • Portable tensiometer for wire ropes up to 8 mm diameter
  • Easy to install
  • Sample rate: from 10 Hz to 80 Hz
  • Battery powered


LLT tensiometer is a portable system designed to measure tension of wire ropes with diameter between 2 mm and 8 mm. It can accept a maximum load of 500 Kg and it has an accuracy of 5%.

Compact dimensions allow the sensor to be installed even in reduced spaces. Thanks to its design, installation and uninstallation activities are easy and do not need particular instruments.

Built-in display allows a real time view of realized measurements. Buttons under the display give the possibility to configure the system before use.

LLT tensiometer has a sample rate between 10 Hz and 80 Hz, according to the application. On request, Bluetooth interface and USB port are available for displaying and storing of measurements on PC.

S2Tech is able to develop different versions of the product, as for example for life lines ropes, or for diamond ropes typical of stone cut activities. Generally, LLT tensiometer can be used in all industrial applications where a periodical control of rope tensioning is requested.

Type of ropes

Rope diameter
Maximum load on the rope

Supply voltage

Sample rate

Environmental protection

Operating temperature

 As options are available:

  • Bluetooth or USB connection
  • Built-in triaxial accelerometer


To make an order or to find out the best solution for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:[email protected]

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