Tension sensor ST461


  • Digital tension sensor
  • For double terminal tower clamp configuration
  • Measuring range up to 10.500 Kg
  • For outdoor applications

Tension sensors Series ST461 have been designed to monitor tension on high-voltage lines. They are installed in the double terminal tower clamp configuration, between the end tower and insulators.

They are realized to be used in difficult outdoor applications. There is no need to change the all system, they are a little heavier than the element they substitute.

Sensors are equipped with digital electronics (Modbus RS485) and they can be installed where electromagnetic fields and high electrical noise are present.

Two versions of the sensor ST461 are available:


  • ST461.1: with measuring range up to 6.000 Kg and reduced dimensions
  • ST461.2: with measuring range up to 10.500 Kg


Safe load limit

120% FS (measurements are not guaranteed over FS value)

Total error

Temperature effect on measurement

0,054% FS
0,037% FS

Sample rate

ADC Resolution

20 bit nominal


Supply voltage

Tolerance on power supply


Power consumption

Power supply 12 Vdc: 40/50 mA
Power supply 24 Vdc: 20/25 mA
Max: ≤ 70 mA

Digital connection

RS485, isolated

Communication protocol

Modbus RTU

Accepted communication speed

from 4.800 to 115.200 baud

Operating temperature

Compensated temperature range

from -20°C to +70°C

Environmental protection

Sensors are compliant with following standard:

EN 60529EN 61000-4-6EN 60068-2-1
EN 61010-1EN 61000-4-8EN 60068-2-2
EN 60255-5EN 61000-6-2EN 60068-2-78
EN 61000-4-2EN 61000-6-4EN 60068-2-30
EN 61000-4-3EN 61000-4-16EN 60255-21-1
EN 61000-4-4EN 55011EN 60255-21-2
EN 61000-4-5CEI EN 62271-1EN 60255-21-3


Electrical connections are realized through 5 poles (min.) female MIL-DTL-38999 connector. S2Tech supplies connection cables and Junction boxes JBT12, to connect digital sensors to system controller (IED)

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