EQFevo Rope tensioning equalization system


  • For ropes with diameter between 6 and 16 mm
  • For wire and plastic coated (PUR) ropes
  • Compact dimensions
  • Bluetooth connection available

EQFevo rope tensioning equalization system has been designed to be versatile. It allows to measure tensioning of up to 12 ropes.

The system is made up of EQFevo sensors, HUB and Software.



They have been designed to work with wire or plastic coated ropes, with a diameter between 6 and 16 mm. Sensors are lightweight and compact and already calibrated, to guarantee reliable and accurate measurements. Sensors have to be installed on each rope of the lift using an open-end wrench.



It is supplied with high capacity internal battery. Up to 12 sensors can be connected to the Hub. Hub itself can be connected to a PC where a software is installed. The software is free and allows to display, record and save measurement values. Connection between Hub and PC can be realized through USB cable or wireless Bluetooth connection.



is free and easy to download using the following link: Installation software
Thanks to the software following functions are available:
• Display of individual tensions detected on individual ropes
• Definition of a tolerance band on the average tensioning value, with graphic indicators to help the operator during the activity
• Display of up to date, real-time statistical indicators in order to assist the operator in tensioning equalization operations and calibration references. It gives a report (as PDF file) stating all information



Beside elevators, EQFevo system can be used on industrial systems, automation or research field.

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