Series LP660



Series LP660 because of Its ruggedness and long term stability can be used in hydraulic / pneumatic cylinders, presses, machine tools, force control in actuators, quality contol machines, test benches, level measurement, food industry, chemical industry, water reservoirs, vehicles,power plants and wherever an heavy use is involved.

The extremely good price allow series LP660 to be used in OEM applications.

Ranges (relative reference): from 0 up to 1-5-10-20-50-100-200-400 bar.


  • Mod. LP661: 10V.
  • Mod. LP664: 4-20 mA.
  • Mod. LP665: 5V.

< ± 0,3% FS bsl up to 20bar.
< ± 0,4% FS bsl from 50 to 600bar.
Pressure ports: G 1/4″ or G 1/2″.
Environmental protection: IP65.

Series LP660 is fit for heavy industrial applications because of Its ruggedness and long term stability of Its ceramic sensor.
The pressure port is made by a coupling of a threaded stainless steel part connected with the diaphragm, the ceramic sensor, by means of an NBR O-ring.
The fluid pressure is measured by measuring the flexion produced on the ceramic sensor: on the rear facet of the sensor there is a Wheatstone measuring resistive grid.
Pressure port is G 1/4″ or G 1/2″.
Every pressure transmitter ha a final test certificate.

Mod. LP661, LP664 and LP665: they have a built-in analog amplifier electrnics with the following features:
– High immunity against electromagnetic noise because of CE marking (under the more severe standards and test conditions) and a very high common rejection ratio of the operational amplifier.
– Zero trimmer regulation.
– A negative polarity generator feeding the operational amplifier allow the transducers to measure also a vacuum thence giving a negative signal.



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Environmental protection


< ± 0,3% FS bsl up to 20bar
< ± 0,4% FS bsl from 50 to 400bar

Output signal type


Stainless steel body and housing


Digital output

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Analog output

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Hydraulic connection


LP66x G12 dimensions LP66x G14 dimensions LP66x mounting prescription

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