Series MRHL

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The Multirope HL load weighing system makes it possible to measure and control the load in the cabin of new lifts and for any modernizations, being easy and fast to install, reliable over time and having a good price.

Multirope measures load in the cabin, measuring the tensioning of the ropes with the mod. MRHL transducer.

The mod. 699 electronics, connected to the MRHL Transducer, controls the load with alarm levels and relay outputs.

The MRHL sensor may have already built-in electronics as an option.

Multirope is an italian product.

The Multirope load weighing system is applied on rope lifts and elevators, Machine Roomless Elevators (MRL), goods lift freight elevators and domuns lifts.
It is suitable for installation on new lifts and also on the modernization of old installations

10000 kg, 15000 kg, 5000 kg

Analog Output


Digital Output

CAN open, RS422, RS485

Output signal type



High resistance steel

MRHL Transducer highness: 100 mm.Rope diameters: from 4 up to 16 mm max.Overall maximum rope spacing: 300 mm.Alarm levels: 3pcs. with NC and NO, third alarm with relay for booking and distress signal handling.Maximum loads: 5000, 10000, 15000 KgOptions:

  • Built-in electronic
  • Automatic rope weight compensation.
  • Outputs: 0-5V, CANOpen ,RS485 and RS422.
  • Rope diameter setting of MRHL transducer can be field modified by customer.

Multirope is a weight control device easy to install and with good price that measures and controls the cabin load of traction elevators with ropes.Multirope includes a transducer mod. MRHL installed on the lift wire ropes and by digital electronics mod. 699.

MRHL transducer is installed on the ropes close to their fixing points on the cabin roof.MRHL transducer measures the load by measuring the tension of all the ropes at the same time.Mod. 699 electronics is connected to mod. MRHL transducer and controls the cabin load by means of its alarm levels.Transducer mod. MRHL:Easy and quick to install: only two screws are to be fixed- Miniaturized: its 100mm overall highness allow its installation even when cabin is at the top of hoistway close to the pulley.- Warehousing cost reduction: it is not necessary to buy, and keep on stock, as many MRHL as all the possible rope diameters because customer can easily modify in the field heir rope diameter setting (option).- MRHL can be installed even with widely spaced ropes or with many ropes: MRHL allows to accept ropes with a 300 mm max. overall spacing width.- Belts: MRHL can be installed on elevators that use belts instead of ropes (option).- MRHL transducer can be separately sold without 699 electronics for direct connection to the customer’s electronics.- Innovative and patented. Mod. 699 digital electronics:With microprocessor, with high brightness 4 digits LEDs display, it feeds power to connected MR transducer, it shows the load value in the cabin in engineering units (Lbr, Kg, daN etc.) and it controls the load by means of alarm levels with relays outputs.- Easy to install: quick calibration menu is quick to use.- Easy to service: error codes help during installation and after sale service.- Reliability: compensation of thermal drifts and mechanical settlings.- Alarm levels: 2pcs NC/NO relays outputs (full load and overload) are auto-calibrating with relationship to full load.- Power supply: 12 or 24Vdc/ac (in case of black out calibrations are maintained in memory).

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