Multirope sensor MRLC for belts


  • Multirope sensor for belts
  • Easy to install
  • With built-in 699Plus digital display
  • Customized versions available

Multirope sensor MRLC has been designed to be used on elevators or lift systems equipped with flat belts. It allows the measure of a maximum load of 4000 Kg and it can be used on belts with a thickness of 3 mm.

The sensor has a built-in 699Plus digital display. It is used for configuration and displaying of realized measurements. 699Plus device has three relays that can activate alarms after crossing of threshold, which have to be determined during the configuration procedure.

Calibration of 699Plus can be done following two procedures: MANU, with sample weight, or AUTO, without sample weight.

Configuration of the device can be realized using the 4-button keyboard and the display with high brightness.

The sensor is easy to install on belts, without using special tools, thanks to supplied screws.

S2Tech can design and realize customized versions of the sensor. Technical Department can support the customer to define the best product configuration, suitable for specific needs and applications.



Maximum load: 4000 Kg

Type of ropes: flat ropes, belts

Belts thickness: 3 mm

Transducer width: 230 mm


Analog output: +5 V; +10 V, 4-20 mA

Digital output: Modbus RS485; CANopen

AD converter resolution: up to 20 bit

Power supply: +24 Vcc

Relays: for resistive loads, from 1 to 24 Vdc/125 Vac

Digital I/O inputs: opto-insulated, +12/24 Vcc

Certification: CE – UKCA


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