Multirope sensor for high load


  • Multirope sensor for lifts
  • Measuring range: 7.300 Kg, 11.000 Kg and 25.000 Kg
  • It can be installed on ropes with diameter between 8 mm and 16 mm
  • Suitable for wire ropes, plastic ropes or flat ropes
  • Extremely compact (only 10 cm height)
  • Very good price/performance ratio


MRB HL sensor allows to measure and control the load present in a lift cabin, through the tensioning of the ropes. Thanks to its versatility, it can be installed both on new lifts and on old installation, for their renovation.

3 different versions of the product are available. It depends on maximum measuring range:

  • 7.300 Kg
  • 11.000 Kg
  • 25.000 Kg

The sensor can be installed on different kind of ropes (with diameter between 8 mm and 16 mm): metal ropes, flat ropes or plastic coated ropes, typical of new installations. It should be installed near the fixing point of the ropes. Load measure is independent from dimensions of the installation.

It is very flexible and it allows to be easily configured by the user, in order to adapt it on the ropes diameter.

The height of the sensor is 10 cm, therefore it can be installed even in very low spaces. The internal maximum distance between ropes, instead, is 300 mm.

The Multirope load weighing system can be used on rope lifts and elevators, Machine Roomless Elevators (MRL), goods lift freight elevators and domuns lifts.
It is suitable for other applications, as lift in the theatrical field, industrial automation or funicular railway.
The sensor is provided with RJ connector pre-cabling. It allows to ease the connection of the sensor to the 699Plus device.

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