• Multirope load weighing device for rope lifts
  • Rope diameter: from 6 to 16 mm
  • Only 8 cm height on the rope
  • Suitable for wire or plastic ropes
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Extremely compact


The Multirope MRL200 load weighing device can be used to measure and control the load in the cabin through the tensioning of the ropes.

It can be easily installed in new lifts and used for modernization, being fast to install, reliable over time and with a good price.

With a height on the rope of 8 cm only, the MRL sensors allow the optimization of the vertical spaces of the plant system that is typical of modern lifts (Machine Room Less), where every inch of space is important for installing the plant system in accordance with modern design practices.
The MRL200 sensor should be applied to all ropes of the plant system – disposing of a space for 200 mm wide ropes – in a position suitable to detect the load present in the cabin and has dimensions that make it possible to install it on the latest ropes clad in plastic material or flat ropes. The load measurement is independent from the roping of the plant roping.

The flexibility of transducer installation arises from design choices aimed at creating a simple, secure installation and a product that can be easily configured to suit the diameter of the ropes on which it will be installed. In order to adapt the MRL sensor to the diameter of the rope involved, it is necessary to use two connecting screws – between sensor and central deflection rod – corresponding to the diameter of the rope involved. There are several types of connection screws, each of them covers several ropes diameters, so as to be able to simplify product management.

In the standard measurement configuration, the MRL sensor detects (P + Q) loads of up to a maximum of 2,000 Kg. Customized configurations of the product are possible in order to suit specific application needs.

The MRL sensor is normally supplied with pre-wired cable with RJ connector in order to facilitate and speed up the sensor connection to the 699Plus digital control unit. 

The MRL series transducers are products that are designed and manufactured in Italy, are easily configurable and adaptable to the various plant system requirements that can be requested to meet the most demanding market requirements.


The Multirope load weighing system is applied on rope lifts and elevators, Machine Roomless Elevators (MRL), goods lift freight elevators and domuns lifts. It is suitable for installation on new lifts and also on the modernization of old installations. MRL transducers can be used even on flat ropes

The MRL series sensors can be used not only on lifts, but wherever the measurement of the tensioning load on ropes is required, such as for example the lifting of equipment in the theater settings, for industrial lifting applications, naval applications, cable cars, etc.

MRL caricato

height on the rope

Space for ropes

Type of ropes

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Serie MRL

The following option are available:

  • Cable with RJ connector, lenght 0,5mt / 1mt / 2mt / 5mt / 7mt /10mt
  • PVC cable 4×0,10 mmq for connection to terminal board, lenght 2mt / 3mt /5mt / 10mt

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