942 Strain Link


Cabin support frame anti-overload weighing system, for lifts and freight elevators.

Cabin support frame anti overload weighing system for lifts and goods lift freight elevators.
The 942 sensor measures the load in the cabin by measuring the deformation (flexion) of the metal structure on which it is installed.
The 942 Strain Link sensor is suitable for new lifts and for modernization, it is an Italian product with a patented technology, it is cheap and reliable. It is possible to install the sensor on the beams (T or I or C profiles) typical of old systems that need to be modernized or on bent sheet structures typical of modern installations. Typical installation locations are cabin support structures, rope fastening structures in the shaft or cabin, winch support, pulley supporting structures (on the lift cabin or on fixed sheaves), regardless of the lift’s roping. S2Tech can recommend special spacers that have been designed to emphasize the mechanical phenomenon if the structure on which the sensor is to be installed is particularly rigid and provided little signal variation for the applied load.

The 942 sensors can also be used on industrial machines to indirectly measure the loads/forces applied by the machine, should they not be detectable directly because of the high loads. They are used, for example, in high-tonnage presses, plastic injection machines, bending presses, load control on hoists or cranes, on vehicles in order to avoid overturning (possibly matching the load measurement with that of the inclination).

In combination with the 699Plus weight controller, it is possible to monitor the weight in the cab, detecting possible anomalies compared to the expected weight range of the system, resulting in activation of relays connected to the intervention thresholds freely defined by the installer. The 942 sensor comes complete with the necessary screws for its correct installation on the metallic structure involved. In order to support manufacturers of plant systems in defining the optimal positioning of the sensor on the structure, S2Tech srl is ready to analyze the structure involved with FEM simulation in conjunction with the Technical Office of the Plant’s Manufacturer.

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Digital Liftsentry system includes:- 1pcs mod. 699 digital electronics with 4 digits red LEDS display, 4 push buttons for parameter settings, 12/24Vdc/ac power supply, from 0 to ±19mV or from 0 to ±39mV or from 0 to ±80mV differential input channel depending from configurations, 2pcs alarm levels with NC/NO relays, user’s friendly calibration menù, error codes for easy servicing and autozeroing function for long term reliability.- 1pcs beam and car transducer mod. 942 for cabin load measurementIt is also possible to connect different transducers like LT1 load cells. Options:- Alarm levels: third alarm with relay for booking and distress signal handling.- Buzzer: for sound signalling.- Optical indicator: for signalling the load status in the cabin.- Relays block when cabin is moving.- Towed chain compensation.- Outputs: 0-5V, CANOpen ,RS485 and RS422.- Accelerometer: for measuring the acceleration and tilt of cabin.

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Digital electronics mod. 699:- Microprocessor electronics with a 4 digits red LEDs display ( high luminosity) and with 4 push buttons for calibration and parameter setting.Mod. 699 shows the load in engineering units ( Kg, daN, tons etc. ) on display.Mod. 699 can be sold with a steel flanged case or as a printed circuit with 4 throught fixing holes.- Easy to use: because of the “user’s friendly” calibration menù and because It is possible to calibrate using a specimen weight lower than the maximum lift load capability.- Easy to service: error messages help to solve installation and service problems ( i.e.: not connected transducer, wrong calibration etc. ).- Easy electrical connections: screw terminal connector boards and RJ connector are easy to use.Mod. 699 has all electrical connections numbered for an easy electrical connection.- Power supply: a 12 or 24V DC and AC power supply allow to apply the 699 without taking care of power supply voltage polarity (calibration parameters are not lost in case of black outs)- Input channel: 1pcs from 0 up to ±80mV differential signal from strain gauge transducers.- Alarm levels: 2pcs with NO and NC relays outputs. Alarm levels are self adjusting to the maximum load capability of the lift.- Zeroing function: grants the maximum long term stability reducing thermal and mechanical zero drifts. Strain link mod. 942:Working principle: It measures forces and weights applied on a steel frame by measuring the proportional flexion strain. Mod. 942 mechanically amplify up to 4,3 times the strain on the metal frame.- Strain gauge bridge: Mod. 942 has a Wheatstone bridge with 4 active measuring arms that allow a good thermal stability.- Mechanical fixing: Mod. 942 is to be fixed firmly onto the steel metal frane in order to avoid slippings.- Price: Mod. 942 has been patented because of Its innovative manufacturing process that allows competitive prices.

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