Pin load cells MD4050


  • Rugged and reliable, for maximal loads of 60 Ton
  • Easy to install
  • High safety coefficients
  • Single measuring bridge or redundant
  • Customizable to optimize the installation


Pin load cells are used to measure applied weight in the central part of the transducer (G area) in comparison to the two extremities of the load cells (E area).

The body of the load cell is realized with rectified cylindrical surface to allow the installation of the running gear in the central part. It guarantees that the transducers are bound to the two extremities, maintaining measuring axis correctly oriented on the axis of the force that should be measured.

These load cells are designed for difficult industrial use and environments, where safety is fundamental. The safe factor changes according to the model and can reach 200% against mechanical overloads, for static or almost static loads.

The transducers are designed thanks to FEA analysis, in order to have the best working geometry. The body of the load cell can be realized in high resistance steel or 17-4 PH stainless steel, according to the need of the customer and of the application.

There are different versions of the transducers:

  • S (standard) version: standard production
  • L (long) version: realized according customers’ requests
  • G version: for generic industrial use, realized in high resistance steel or stainless steel
  • P (Premium) version: for applications where a specific certification of materials is requested (e.g. cable cars, harbour lifting system)

The transducers are provided with different certificates that guarantee al the used materials.

MD transducers have a typical sensitivity of 1 mV/V. To obtain the maximum insensitivity, the measuring caves are instrumented and completely protected using silicon filler. This allows to use the transducers even in cold environments, guaranteeing an environmental protection of IP65.

Each transducer is provided with individual test certificate, showing the measuring characteristics. These values are obtained comparing the transducer to an internal reference sensor or to a SIT sensor, according to the request of the customer.


Environmental protection


Total error

Temperature effect on zero (within 5°K)

< ±0,1 % FS


< ±0,15 % FS, within 4 test hours at FS

Return to zero from full load

< ±0,07% FS after 30 min at FS

Safe load limit

Operating temperature

-10 a 40°C compensated

Operating temperature

Output signal type

Analog output

, , ,

Digital output

, , ,



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