SR single rope sensor



The SR single rope sensor is a sensor for load weighing systems for rope traction lifts and lifting systems, it is designed to be installed on every rope with diameters from 6 to 16 mm. It can be configured for different rope diameters, directly by the installer, without any need for special tools and can be installed directly on the already tensioned ropes without the need for special tools.

It is an extremely compact, simple, safe and fast sensor in the installation, as well as with excellent quality/price ratio. The space occupied by the rope is only 10 cm, enabling installation on modern facilities, where space is always limited and equipment should not a constraint for lift designers or in the modernization of systems in which it is not possible to use a cabin support frame anti overload weighing system or similar systems.

It has been characterized in the S2Tech laboratories, in order to allow a weightless installation procedure for calibration of the measuring system (AUTO procedure) to be used after installing the sensors on the ropes and a stabilization of the mechanical coupling with these, before the calibration procedure.

It comes already pre-wired with a suitable connector with restraint system for the 699Plus device designed for the connection up to 8 sensors.

699Plus MiniFit Foto


Easy and quick to install under load (without special tools), compact (just 10 cm height) and pre-calibrated, can be installed also on belts. Transducer is designed to grant a secure installation and all parts in contact with ropes are with high radius rounded surfaces. No parts can be lost during installation.

Cable connection (3 or 5 mt standard) with Minifit connector for fast and reliable connection with 699Plus Digital display.Special version available for flat ropes or belts typical of the new hoisting techniques.

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