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RL load cells are strain gauge based, and measure the tension of tapes (made with tissue, paper, plastic, metal, rubber, etc.) fed through rollers, in order to use the signal to control engine speed and ultimately control the quality of processing in order to prevent damages to material and machines.

These cells are usually installed at both sides of the rollers (while summing signals) or just on one side, if the horizontal position of tapes is fixed.

The device is equipped with slots for ball or roller bearings (not included in the supply) used to substain the pin of the roller.

They are compact and easy to install, allowing also the rotation of the load cell during the installation to achieve a better measurement axis alignment with the force vector to measure, by means of holes for transducer.
The transducer has pass-thru centered hole and have a low height; roller pin can go through the load cell and save expensive modifications to the Customer machines.
Made with built-in calibration circuit (only for the 2mV/V output version) that can simulate an applied load, every load cell come with an individual calibration certificate.

RL load cells can be applied on rollers, pulleys in order to measure the tension of the material subject to processing.

Typical applications are textile machines, machines for plastic film processing, rubber processing, paper, flexographic printing, packaging, metal lamination etc.


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Environmental protection


Total error

Excitation accepted

Bridge impedance

350 Ohm

Zero thermal stability

within 5°K ≤ ± 0,1 % FS


Strains number

4 pieces with a Wheatstone bridge with 4 active arms for a better thermal stability

Output signal type


Digital output



Analog output

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Ingombri dimensionali serie RL

(con uscita non condizionata, mV/V)

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Celle di Carico AMPLIFICATE
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