Series HC2001

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Series HC2000 because of the bore hole are typically applied for automatic control of axial thrusts on punching machines, on machine tools, presses, power hammers, actuators and also to control the tension of steel cables in the civil engineering field.

Load cells series HC2000 have a large diameter central bore hole, the force must be equally shared on the top circular area around the central hole, while the reaction force is on another circular area too; It is mandatory to equally apply the force (usually by means of ball-joints) in order to recover mechanical misaligments (increasing accuracy and avoiding metal yeldings).

The load cell is well shielded against dirt by means of siliconic sealants and rubbers allowing an IP65 rating.

The load cell has a built in calibration circuitry.

A calibration certificate is provided together with every unit.


100 Kg, 20 Kg, 200 Kg, 300 Kg, 50 Kg

Environmental protection



1mV/V (tip.)

Total error

<±0,6% FS

Temperature effect on zero-point (within 5°K)

< ±0,1% FS

Safe load limit

+ 50 % FS

Ultimate load limit

2 times of FS



Output signal type

Analog, Digital



Ingombri dimensionali HC2000Ingombri dimensionali serie HC2000

(con uscita non condizionata, mV/V)

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