560QDT “S” type load cells


The transducers of this product series are suited for traction / compression loads  – with a measuring range from 0 to ±350 kg, ±400 Kg, ±500 Kg, ±1.000 Kg, ±2.000Kg, ± 3.000 Kg, ± 4.000 Kg or ±5.000 Kg – that can be supplied in:

  • A version without an (mV/V) amplifier
  • with a voltage or current amplifier
  • with built-in digital electronics
  • with characterization in N


They are high-precision, reliable at an affordable price, easy to install and for general use, in industrial automation applications

  • Built-in electronics (optional): analog and digital amplifiers
  • Environmental Protection: IP65 (EN60529)
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Easy to install

EC Marking (EN 50081-2: 1994 / EN 50082-2: 1995)


The incorporated electronics also makes it possible to use it in industrial environments with electrical noise (inverters, electric actuators etc.).
The ruggedness, compactness and the excellent precision, make this series of cells adapted for a general use in: control on materials testing machines, presses, quality control, ceramic machines, marble machines, automated assembly machines, printing machines, electrical-medical equipment, on vehicles, weighing systems, cranes, machine tools, metal / rubber / plastic / paper / working machinery etc.

The 560QDT series – the strain gauge load cell with a complete measuring bridge – is very rugged and precise thanks to its shear measurement principle.

The 560QDT series can have an optional internal amplifier, in compliance withe EC standards, making the most common analog outputs in use available, making them suitable for use in industrial environments with electrical disturbances.
Built-in electronics – voltage or current – only has one single operating direction with a variation of the signal from 0 to 5, or from 0 to 10 V, or from 4 to 20 mA. For the use of the transducer in applications where the application of the traction / compression loads is provided, it is possible to set 50% available signal dynamics for 0 Kg (e.g.: 0 Kg= 2.25 V or 0 Kg= 4.75 V or 0 Kg=12 mA) to then associate the traction or compression full scale to the minimum or to the maximum electrical signal (e.g.: 0.5 V=FS traction and 5 V=FS compression; 4 mA=FS compression and 20 mA=FS to traction etc.).

When the transducers of this series are provided with a non-amplified 2mV/V output, they have a built-in calibration circuit that allows an easy calibration of the remote electronics of the measuring system (PLC, DAQ, display etc.), without having to use a known weight sample.

Every load cell comes with an individual calibration certificate

The calibration circuit can also be used to implement, on the remote electronics, an easy automatic procedure for verifying the functionality of all of the measurement chain (load cell, wiring, electronics that receives the signal), for the purpose of reducing the post-sales assistance costs as well as for improved safety.

The load cells have an IP65 degree of environmental protection thus guaranteeing protection against water, oil, dust, and dirt generally speaking.


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Environmental protection


Total error

Repeatability error

Return to zero error

± ≤ 0,03 % FS

Temperature effect within 0°C

Zero unbalance

2 % FS max

Wheatstone bridge impedance

350 Ohm

Excitation accepted


Ultimate load limit

Operating temperature

Analog output

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Output signal type


Digital output


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