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The good price and compactness allows series MP to be fit for general purpose applications, force control on actuators, tie rod tension control, as closed loop control on presses, test machines, quality control, tile / marble machines, automatic assembling machines, printing machines, electro-medical equipment, vehicle devices, cranes, weighing devices, machine tools, machines working metal / rubber / plastics and paper etc.

Series MP are washer strain gauge load cells that because of an innovative manufacturing process have low manufacturing costs and prices.

Series MP in order to applied correctly need to have:

  • force to be measured evenly shared onot the top circluar area besude the central hole.
  • force to be measured to be well aligned along the load cell measuring axis.

Series MP has a connector for an easy cabling.

Series MP has a 4 active arms strain gauge bridge with 1KOhm typical impedance.

Series MP is being tested with a final test certificate isuuing where all important load cell parameters are listed in order to warrant a traceability.

Series MP can optianlly have a built-in analog electronics, CE certified at an external indipendent laboratory, that allows:

  • to use series MP even in electrically noised environments.
  • to transmit the electrical signal far away from the load cell.

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Environmental protection


Total error

Repeatability error

Zero imbalance

≤ ±2 %FS

Insulation resistance

Recommended power supply

Excitation accepted

Operating temperature


high-tensile steel

Strain bridge impedance

4 active arms, 1k Ohm tip.

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