Bending parallelogram 514QD

The transducers of this product series are suited for traction / compression loads – with a measuring range from 0 to ±2 or ±3 Kg – that can be supplied in:

  • Version without an (mV/V) amplifier
  • With characterization in N

They are high-precision, reliable at an affordable price, easy to install and for general use, in industrial automation applications

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The application of the traction / compression load takes place through two co-axial threaded holes – located in the center of the transducer’s upper and lower supporting surfaces, in such a way as to allow the direct coupling with the machine or with load adapters that are specifically for the application (for example with junctions or spherical adapters).



Environmental protection (EN 60529):



2mV/V (tip.)

Total error

Repeatability error

Temperature effect within 0°C

Zero balancing

≤ ± 2% FS

Input impedance

Insulation resistance

Recommended power supply

Excitation accepted

Safe load limit

Ultimate load limit


Natural frequency

Nominal temperature range

-10/+40 °C

Operating temperature range

-20/+70 °C

Storage temperature

-30/+100 °C


aluminium alloy for aeronautical use


0,2 Kg

Clamping couple, fixing screws

0.65 Nm – M5 screw class 3.6 o 5.6


Output impedance


Output signal type

Ingombri dimensionali 514QD