PT120 beam load cell ±80 Kg


  • Tension and compression measurement from 0 to 120 Kg
  • With analogue electronics, for high resolution measurements and protection from electrical disturbance
  • Strong and reliable, with low profile
  • Inexpensive
  • Individual report test and characterization in Kg, N, kN, etc.
  • Built-in gauging circuit to ease the calibration of the measurement system


The built-in electronics allows to use series PT500 load cells also in industrial environments with electrical noises (inverters, electrical actuators etc.).

The ruggedness, compactness and good linearity allow this load cell to be fit for general purpose use such as on closed loop control on presses, test machines, quality control, tile / marble machines, automatic assembling machines, printing machines, electro-medical equipment, vehicle devices, cranes, weighing devices, machine tools, machines working metal / rubber / plastics and paper etc.

Series PT500 strain gauge load cells have a 4 active arms Wheatstone bridge and are rugged and accurate with the shear mechanical working principle.

Series PT500 can have an optional built-in electronics, CE/EMC certified with the following outputs (with zero and gain regulation):

Built-in electronics allow to use series PT500 also in electrically noised industrial environments.

Built-in electronics allows only positive voltage and current outputs that can be calibrated, with a tension and compression load cell force measurement: 0 KG matched to a central electrical output (i.e.: 0KG=2,25V or 0Kg= 4,75V or 0Kg=12mA) and then the tension / compression mechanical full scales can be matched to the minimum or maximum electrical values (i.e.: 0,5V=FS tension and 5V=FS compression; 4mA=FS compression and 20mA=FS tension etc.).

Series PT500, with 2mV/V typical not amplified output, has a built-in calibration circuit that allows an easy calibration with the external electronics (PLC, DAQ, panel meters etc.) without using a known load.

All load cells are provided with a final test calibration certificate.

Series PT500 has an IP65 environment protection against water, oil, powders, dirtyness etc.


Environmental protection


Total error

Repeatability error

Temperature effect within 0°C

Zero unbalance

2% FS max

Wheatstone strain gauge impedance

350 Ohm

Excitation accepted



Operating temperature

Analog output

, , ,

Digital output

, ,


Output signal type


Ingombri dimensionali PT500 Ingombri dimensionali serie PT500 PT500 Ingombri dimensionali

(con uscita non condizionata, mV/V)

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La Guaina Schermante non è collegata al corpo metallico della cella di carico e deve essere collegata ad una buona terra.

Celle di Carico AMPLIFICATE
(uscita amplificata in tensione 0-10V oppure 0-5V oppure 0 a ±10V oppure 0 a ±5V oppure amplificata in corrente 4/20mA)

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Triple coassial cable

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