Load cells series AP8005


  • Load cells for compression
  • High accuracy
  • Easiness of installation
  • Good performance/price ratio
  • Body in high strength steel
  • Wide possibility of configutations


Column load cells Serie Ap8000, for compression, find main applications in weighing systems, platforms, reservoirs, bunkers, hoppers and for general purpose.

These load cells have a high accuracy, outstanding ruggedness, easiness of installation and a convenient price.

The body of the load cell is in high strength  steel and strain gauges and internal electrical circuits are sealed and stuffed by water-repellent high-insulating silicon filler for outdoor applications.

Different measuring configurations are available. Among them a version with a 16 strain gauges is available. They are well distributed along the circumference  to improve the insensitivity to transverse components of the applied force, to assure an excellent linearity, higher electrical excitation and signal output. This last feature is important because amplifier gain , electrical noise and theermal drift are reduced and digital readout can be extended to more digits to improve the measuring resolution.

Transducers have an internal calibration circuit to allow an easy calibration of the weighing system and to verify the functioning of the unit. Each load cell is supplied with an individual calibration certificate.

Load cells Series AP8000 are available with two different possibilities of electrical connections: connector or shielded cable. The transducer can have a built-in electronics to gain a a voltage, current or digital amplifed signal.

Different versions of the transducer are available:

  • A5 for a 0-5 V amplified signal
  • A1 for a 0-10 V amplified signal
  • A4 for a 4-20 or 0-20 mA amplified signal
  • D21 to connect the transducer to a RS485 link, with Modbus protocol
  • D41 to connect the transducer to a CANopen link



1 mV/V FS


<0,15% FS (during 4 hours test at FS)

Total error

<±0,1% FS

Thermal variation on zero output

within 5°K <±0,1% FS


Measuring ranges0 ± 5 Ton
Sensitivity1 mV/V FS typical
Dead load≤50 intervals (ECC-335)
Maximum error (non-linearity + hysteresis + temperature effect on sensitivity)< ± 0,2% FS
Repeatabiity error≤ 0,1% FS
Temperature effect error on zero outputwithin 5°K ± 0,1% FS
Creep error< ± 0,15% FS, during 4 hours test at FS
Zero output return error≤± 0,07% FS after 30 min at FS
Zero unbalance≤± 2% FS
Bridge impedanceoutput: 1400 Ohmsinput: 1500 Ohms, nominal
Insulation resistance> 5000 Mohms
Excitationrecommended: 10 Vdc/acmaximum: 18 Vdc/ac
Safe load limit50% over FS (with load on the weighing axis)
Ultimate Ioad limitabout 2 times the FS (with load on the weighing axis)
Electrical connectionby cableby connector (on request)
Color code (Numbers for connector)Excitation: + red (+1) – black (-4)Output: + green (+2) – white (-3)
Temperature limitsCompensated: -10°C + 40°C (OIML Rec. N°60)Operating: -15°C ± 75°C
Rh< 95%
Environment protectionIP65


AP80050 ± 53512155083,2M1033R25
AP8010Flat0 ± 103512155038,583M10733
AP8010Round0 ± 103512155038,583M10333R25
AP8025Flat0 ± 253512157048,598M101253
AP8025Round0 ± 253512157048,598M10553R40
AP80500 ± 505820207750130M18x2.51050R100
AP81000 ± 100100152011680190M181580110



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