BC304K1500 Miniaturized load cells



The BC304K1500 load cell is an extremely compact low profile transducer with high-resistance stainless steel measuring body for compression loads with load adapter and provide excellent value for money.

The transducer is set on the surface of the machinery plant or plant system, holding it centered with a positioning template that leaves a seat of +0.5 mm on the nominal diameter so as to allow the transducer under load to deform. The transducer is equipped with a semi-spherical loading head that allows the load to be transferred to the sensor using an adapter provided by S2Tech to contain the effects of offset loads while maintaining the adapter centered on the load cell. The transducer has been the subject of FEM optimization for its sizing in relation to fatigue loads, with the consequent definition of a specific production procedure to achieve the best performance.


Environmental protection


Total error

Repeatability error

Temperature effect within 0°C

Zero unbalance

≤ ± 3% FS

Recommended power supply


1,4 times FS max


High-tensile stainless steel

Ultimate load limit

> 300 %FS



Output signal type

BC304k1500 dimensioni

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