AP7100 threaded redundant pin cell


  • Compression or traction loads from 0 up to ± 100,000 Kg
  • High safety coefficients
  • Compact and easy to apply in the most diverse application contexts
  • Mechanical coupling with M90x4 threaded pins
  • IP65 Degree of protection
  • Customization (measuring range, electrical/mechanical connections, type of load applied)
  • Analog or digital amplifiers can be applied


The AP7000 strain gauge load cells are installed in order to measure traction and/or compression strengths at one end of actuators, tie rods, ropes, junctions, hooks as well as for weighing, when they are installed under tank feet, silos and hoppers.

Compactness: The transducers of the AP7000 series are small, allowing them to be used in applications with little space available. High overload permissible: The innovative shear measurement principle makes it possible to accept high overloads (with static compression forces aligned along the axis of measurement and with tightening of the threads until the mechanical stop).

Environmental Protection: These transducers have been designed to be used in industrial environments where there is dust, dirt and moisture.

Internal Electronics: These load cells can integrate an optional analog or digital conditioning electronics (for measuring ranges from 10 up until 100 tons) that allows:

  • Reducing Costs: External electronics calibration costs are avoided since the built-in one is already completed with the characterization of the transducer, while also avoiding the wiring and protection costs of the amplifier if operated independently of the transducer. The digital electronics provides measurements already in the units of measurement involved, being able to easily substitute transducers among them without having to resort to elaborate recalibration procedures of the measuring system with the advantage of simplified cabling in a network of multiple units, in which the measured values need to be monitored simultaneously. The measurement system results as being inherently safer than an analog system, thanks to the protocols chosen for communicating information to the controller (PLC, computer, display, etc.) and makes it possible to achieve greater simplification in cabling, reducing the number of lines required for information transfer. It is moreover possible to apply the modifications to the A/D converter settings already installed in the electronics to the units already installed in order to optimize the product in accordance with new operating conditions. For the INDUSTRY 4.0 philosophy, the intelligent transducers such as those equipped with S2Tech digital electronics are the most advanced data production point needed to optimize production processes and machinery management.
  • High resolution: The internal electronics is shielded against noise and is close to the strain gauge measurement bridge minimizing the effect of electromagnetic disturbances that would otherwise occur on the long connections between analog sensors and the corresponding signal conditioning and/or display instrumentation (in industrial environments, electrical disturbances are often present and come from inverters, solenoids, telebreakers, motors and electric actuators, etc.). In the case of digital data transmission, this normally occurs on suitably terminated differential lines, using pair-twisted cables, in order to obtain the best immunity from disturbances.

In addition to being able to integrate digital signals into the conditioning transducer, it is also possible to install amplifiers for the most common analog signals (voltage or current) thus obtaining a better signal/noise ratio.

  • Digital Electronics:
    – RS485 Electronics (Modbus Protocol): It has a programmable 24bit A/D converter in order to be able to set the best compromise between high sampling frequency (for measuring fast phenomena) and a high measuring resolution for its own application, zeroing the measurement by means of remote control, peak measurements, linearization, digital filtering, etc. Up to 32 measurement systems can be installed on the same data line.
    – CANopen: Like the electronics for the RS485 line, but with the possibility of faster data transfer, it is able to offer a greater reliability of the digital system thanks to the automatic malfunction indication (= easy after-sales service), a plug and play connection (it is possible to connect more than 100 nodes among them, with advanced network management operating capabilities).


1mV/V typ

Total error

Temperature effect on zero (within 5°K)

< ±0,1% FS


< ±0,15 % FS within 4 test hours at FS

Return to zero from full load

< ±0,07%FS after 30 min at FS

Analog output

, , ,

Digital output

, ,

Output signal type




Ingombri dimensionali AP7000

AP7000 con FS da 10 Ton in su

(con uscita non condizionata, mV/V)

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AP7000 con FS da 10 Ton in su

Celle di Carico AMPLIFICATE
(uscita amplificata in tensione 0-10V oppure 0-5V oppure 0 a ±10V oppure 0 a ±5V oppure amplificata in corrente 4/20mA)

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