AP7001 tie rod load cells


The built-in electronics allows to use series AP7000 load cells also in industrial environments with electrical noises (inverters, electrical actuators etc.).

Series AP7000: this is a general purpose load cell that could be used in cranes, where hanged weights are involved and whenever it is necessary a rugged and reliable load cell for heavy duty industrial applications.

Series AP7000 it is an extremely rugged load cell with a 300% FS safety margin and a 500% FS rupture.

The load cell is well shielded against dirt by means of siliconic sealants and rubbers allowing an IP65 rating.

Series AP7000 can have a CE marked built-in electronics with the following outputs:

The digital electronics has an high resolution 24bit A/D converter and allows a long distance data transmission protected against electrical noise.

The digital electronics with RS485 and RS422 outputs (DSEbus and Modbus protocols) allows the following functions: calibration and data transmission in engineering units (kg, tons, daN etc.), dynamic zero, digital filter (sampling rate from 7,5 up to 960 Hz), high accuracy (up to 10 linearization points) and an easy service (overload events memory).

Software: It is provided free of charge, with RS485 and RS422 outputs (DSEbus and Modbus protocols), also a software to be installed into the user’s computer (not included) that allows an easy setting of the electronics working parameters and a data visualization.

The load cell has a built in calibration circuitry whenever It has the 2mV/V not amplified output.

Sensibilità ponte estensimetrico

1mV/V tip

Total error
Effetto della temperatura sullo zero (entro 5°K)

< ±0,1% FS


< ±0,15 % FS entro 4 ore di prova al FS

Ritorno a zero da pieno carico

< ±0,07%FS dopo 30 min al FS


Ingombri dimensionali AP7000