Series AN401 Plus



Series AN401Plus because of its flexibility can be connected to all transducers made by S2Tech: load cells, radial load cells, torquemeters, pressure transducers, magnetostrictive linear displacement and level transducers, servoinclinometers, LVDT.

Typical applications are: weighing systems, automatic assembling machines, quality control machines, presses, machine tools, textile machines, flexographic machines, rubber machines, paper machines, blow molding machines, plastic injection machines, tile machines, etc.

Allowance controlled insertion of pin into an hole: AN401Plus is able to control, on automatic assembling machines, the quality of a pin insertion into an hole by checking that the force necessary to have a pin blocking is within a two alarm levels tolerancy ( insertion peack force is related to a mechanical allowance ).

It is possible to memorize the positive or negative peak force between two points on the actuator movements and alarm levels are active only on the memorized value.

Software: S2Tech tech. dept. can modify, under request, the software inside series AN401Plus accordingly to customer’s needs.

Digital output

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Operating temperature

Supply voltage


Output signal type



Analog output

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Display: five digits red LEDs with polarity.Up to 4 input channels (mV, V).Power supply: 10-35Vdc; 9-15Vac.Outputs: analog (option), digital.Levels: 2-8 relays outputs; 4-16 optically insulated.

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