AN601 Portable Display


  • Portable display to connect to different transducers
  • High brigthness LED display
  • Compact dimensions
  • Battery powered
  • High sample rate

AN601 is a digital portable instrument with a 5 digits red LEDs display, rugged, compact, with batteries, 6 push buttons, and one input channel with connector.

It is equipped with one input channel with connector which allows to connect it to different transducers: strain gauge load cells, scales, dynamometers, pressure transducers, displacement transducers, liquid level measuring systems, temperature probes, inclinometers and accelerometers.

Among the available functions there are:

• Calibration with connected transducer allows to show, on display, measured values in engineering units (Kg, daN, °C, mm etc.).
• Sampling rate and filtering parameter setting
• Decimal point setting
• Zeroing with push button (of tare, preloads etc.)
• Positive or negative peaks value memorization

AN601 is rugged and easy to use and it can be used in different applications: quality control checking of sensors and transducers applied in production machineries by means of reference transducer, metrological controls, automation, force control of welding tools, medical machines, laboratory, dynamometer and scales checking etc.

Display: 5 digits red LEDs display and high brightness allows reading it even with low ambient lightPush buttons: 6 pcs allow an easy calibration as well as useInput channels:• One single input channel, with IP65 connector and high stability and resolution (24 bit max A/D resolution)• Input signals: 0 to ±80 mV differential, ±5 V, ±10 VBatteries: 4 pcs 1,5 V AA batteries that allow up to 16 hours of working (depending on current drawn from connected transducer), can be changed by means of lid (batteries and battery charger are not included)Power supply to connected transducer: 5 Vdc filtered and stabilizedWorking temperature range: -30 to +70°C, RH95%Weight: 0,5 Kg.Sample range: from 7.5 to 3840 Hz

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