Series ES270


  • Measuring range for axis X and Y
  • Resolution 0,244 g/LSB
  • Digital configuration
  • Strong, precise and inexpensive

Series ES270 transducers have a built-in monocrystalline silicium MEMS sensor for measuring inclination (with absolute vertical reference) as well as acceleration on X and Y axis.

MEMS sensors can measure both static and dynamic accelerations therefore they can as well as be used to measure inclinations that are typically static accelerations.

MEMS sensor measure acceleration and tilt by means of a differential capacitor whose parts move when a difference of acceleration and tilt is applied.

MEMS sensors are extremely rugged and can withstand hi shocks and vibrations with also the advantage of being miniaturized and with a good price to performance ratio.

Series ES270 allow to measure, accurately and with high resolution, accelerations and inclinations on X and Y axis, with absolute vertical reference.

When X and Y measuring axis are parallel to horizon, then MEMS sensor has the highest sensitivity to inclination because the working function is sinusoidal: Pitch (degrees)= sin (acceleration/1g).

When X and Y measuring axis are orthogonal to the horizon, then MEMS sensor has the lowest sensitivity to inclination because the working function is co sinusoidal: Roll (degrees)= cosine (acceleration/1g).


Attitude control on industrial machinery, on industrial vehicles (agriculture machines, forest and timber machines, grading machines, caterpillars, drilling machines, concrete machines etc.), on boats, civil engineering applications (on dams, bridges, masonry walls, historical buildings, etc.), geotechnical applications, on antenna, inertial platforms etc.




0,2 % FS

Response frequency

50 Hz max

Crossed sensitivity

2% FS

Difference in axis alignment

± 0,1°, between two measuring axis X ed Y


from 10 to 28Vcc

Schock resistance

3500g on axis XYZ

Operating temperature

Maximum drift due to temperature

0,4° (global)

Environmental protection

Output signal type

Analog output

, ,

Digital output



Biaxial X and Y measuring axis with digital data transmission: RS485 Modbus, CAN Open DS406 profile, Profibus DP.

Digitally transmitted values: X-Y tilt (degrees, decimal, radiants, mm/m), peak inclination, X-Y acceleration, peak acceleration, Z rotation, temperature (°C, °K, °F), peak temperature.

Electrical connection: 2m long shielded cable with gland or by means of M12 connector.

Resolution: 0,025° = 0,244millig (not including application mechanical/electrical noise).

ES270 with digital outputs does not require to have a measuring range for it measures from 0 up to ±90 and from 0 up to 1700milliG.Bandwidth: up to 2,7 KHz (peak value).

Unitronic LiYCY (TP) shielded cable (colour according to DIN 47100) from LAPP Kabels (product code 0035132)

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