Series ES261




Because of its high accuracy, resolution, shock protection, and low price, it can be applied in:

– geophisical applications: landslides and snow slips on montains.

– civil engineering applications: onto dams, building bridges etc.

– industrial vehicles applications: monitoring horizontal position of gondolas, harvesters, buldozzers, cranes, weighing systems (tilt compensation), asphalt scrapping machines, etc.

– train applications: correlation between bogie and passenger car inclination for lean control in high velocity tilting train.

– marine applications: pitch and roll control, ballast tank control, parabolic antennaes positioning, etc.

– drilling applications: precise drill inclination etc.

– machines applications : furnaces spilling tilt control, aligment of part of large machines, flexion control of heavy mechanical parts etc.

– military applications: firing and radar levelling, inertial control, torpedoes navigation systems, naval landing platform control, etc.




± 5Vcc (optional: ± 10V)



Relative accuracy



±15V (±10%), 24V (±10%), 18-30V (optional, for non-isolated version)

Operating temperature

Maximum drift due to temperature

0.4° (absolute)

Shock resistance


Response frequency

50Hz max

Environmental protection

Output signal type


Analog output


Protection against shocks: since the pendulum is kept still by the torque motor, there is practically no moving part while measuring: there are mechanical stops that do allow only a very small arc of movement even when not electrically powered.

Accuracy and repeatability: the closed loop circuitry allows a big reduction of the only error that can be introduced into the measurement, that is the friction: a tiny movement allow a tiny error.

Calibration resistance:

Calibration: every axis have this external resistance that can be used to have the unit to simulate a certain value of tilt described in the calibration certificate (provided there is no horizontal misaligment on the customer’s fixing plane)

Auto checking: periodically it is possible to use the calibration resistance and if the output is not what expected, something is wrong.

High sensitivity: the longness of the sensing pendulum allows an high sensitivity even to small variations of tilt.

Broad bandwidth: the broad bandwidth allows to measure even sismic vibrations from 0 to 50Hz (series ES261 is able to give a signal even at 0Hz, where sismograph are not able to measure).

Series ES261 has fast deliveries and good prices.

Ingombri dimensionali ES261