Accelerometric system ES280


  • Triaxial accelerometer (X, Y and Z axis)
  • Measuring range: ±2,5 g (acceleration); ±90° (inclination)
  • High accuracy
  • Environmental protection IP68
  • 24 Vdc power supply


Accelerometric system ES280 is made up of a digital triaxial sensor with measuring range of ±2,5 g (for accelerations on X, Y and Z axis) and of ±90° (for inclination on X and Y axis).

It is a very accurate system (±20 mg) and it has a resolution of ±0,076 mg/digit. This guarantees a correct functioning even in difficult environments, characterized by high noises. Its stainless steel case allows the sensor to be protected (IP68) from weather.

Accelerometer can be supplied with 24 Vdc, but it accepts a power supply between 12 and 28 Vdc. It has a completely digital interface with the possibility of RS485 (Modbus protocol) output.

ES280 sensors are characterized by high resistance to vibrations and a good price/performance ratio. This allows the sensor to be used both in static and dynamic applications.

The acquisition command allows to record up to 11 seconds of accelerometric data (1 second before the command and 10 seconds after). The transducer is able to record average accelerations on 100 acquired samples. For each acquisition data are available until they have been read.

It is possible to detect acceleration peaks and, as option, inclination peaks.

Sensor gives the possibility to send commands to acquire acceleration and inclination offset or to record measures without offset.

Accelerometric system can be used for structural control and monitoring on towers, trellis, bridges, buildings and in all suspended structures.



Supply voltage

Excitation accepted

Environmental protection

Operating temperature




Zero-g level offset accuracy

Output data rate

Temperature effect on sensitivity

Temperature effect within 0°C

Shock max

Digital output


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