Miniaturized load cells for industrial robotic arms

Miniaturized load cells for industrial robotic arms

Automatization of productive processes encourages companies to use robots with mechanical arms. They are used above all in pick&place activities.

To protect stability and correct functionality of these systems, it is necessary to equip them with transducers. They have to measure the load raised or moved by the mechanical arm.

Transducers have to be installed at the end of the mechanical arm, near clamps used to raise or move material. Usually these systems are characterized by reduced dimensions. It requires that transducers should have a low profile and high accuracy.

S2Tech offers miniaturized load cells, Series BC3xx. Their dimensions allow them to be installed even in reduced spaces.

Different versions are available:

  • BC301: for tension and compression measurements, with measuring range between ±3Kg and ±150 Kg
  • BC302: smaller, with measuring range between 3 Kg and 100 Kg
  • BC303: compression load cells, with measuring range between 150 Kg and 500 Kg

Other versions are available (BC304 and BC305) with higher dimensions and measuring ranges up to 1500 Kg. They are suitable for applications on industrial weighing platforms.

All versions have a total error ≤ ±0,5% FS and a sensitivity of 2 mV/V.

Transducer case is available both in aluminium or in high-resistance steel. According to the version, they can be used for static or dynamic applications.


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