LP660 and LP660 Pressure transducer update

LP660 and LP660 Pressure transducer update

These transducers  have been updated as external housing, allowing the option of M12 – 5 poles (A coding) male connectors.

Older electrical connector DIN43650 is still available as standard product configuration.

Transducer’s overall dimension is consequently modified, with a little increase in height from the older versions, moving from 80 mm to a maximum of 115 mm in height.

We added also additional “pressure port” options as diameter of the pressure inlet, in order to have different cut-off effects on rapid pressure transitions.

It is also now possible to add as option a digital amplifier, with RS485 line and Modbus protocol, on the M12 5 poles connector.

Soon, we are going to update the internal analog amplifiers.

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