Load cells for pulley pin on cranes

Load cells for pulley pin on cranes

On cranes it is important to use measuring systems to control the load that should be moved. Some security standrds have to be respected during handling and lifting of load. During the activities it avoids the possibility of accidents, both of people and things.

For this application S2Tech offers pin load cells Series MD4xxx. They are transducers with high accuracy and measuring range between ±1 Ton and ±100 Ton. Thanks to their structure, they can be installed on the pulley pin of cranes. They are rugged and reliable over time, even in difficult environments (environmental protection IP65).

Body of the transducer can be realized both in high resistance steel and in stainless steel. They can have a built-in electronics with analog or digital outputs (Modbus for slow applications and CANopen for fast applications).

Different versions are available:

  • Standard (S): standard production
  • Long (L): realized according to customer requests
  • General use (G): for generic industrial use, realized in high resistance or stainless steel
  • Premium (P): for applications where specific certifications of the material are requested (e.g. cable cars or harbour lifting systems)

The possibility to have different versions according to needs makes these transducers adaptable to many applications.

MD4xxx transducers can be supplied with a redundant measuring circuit. As alternative to the standard cable, it is possible to have load cell output with M12 connector.


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