Load cells for agricultural machines

Load cells for agricultural machines

To measure forces on agricultural machines, S2Tech offers AP7000 load cells. They can be installed between tractor or trucks and their trailer. They allow the correct function and guarantee stability of the vehicle.

AP7000 load cells have high accuracy (total error <±0,2% FS) and a measuring range up to 100 Ton. They allow to measure both tension and compression forces. Their compact dimensions guarantees use even in applications where little spaces are available.

For a simplified installation on vehicles, these transducers have a threaded pin on the end of measuring body. For standard versions non-amplified output is available. Nevertheless, in high-ton models it is possible to integrate a condition electronics, in order to have an analog (voltage or tension) or digital (CANopen or Modbus) output. As option, the transducer can be configured with built-in connectors or redundant outputs.

Measuring body of the load cells is realized in high-resistant steel, to guarantee high strength and reliability over time.

Beside on agricultural machines, AP7000 load cells can be installed at one end of actuators, tie rods, ropes, junctions, hooks for tension measures, or under tank, silos or hoppers for weighing activities.


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