Load cells and display for manual presses

Load cells and display for manual presses

Manual presses used for industrial applications have to be instrumented with sensors that allow correct functions of the machine.

For these applications S2Tech proposes LT load cells and Pitagora display.

Load cells Series LT have measuring range between 5 Ton and 500 Ton. They are very accurate with a total error of 0,2% FS. LT load cells are characterized by an environmental protection of IP65. They can be used even in a difficult environments.

For displaying and storage measures coming from transducers installed on the press, it is possible to use display Pitagora with 8 input channels and 4 output channelsModbus digital interface allows to be integrated in SCADA, MES systems and similar. Thanks to combination of hardware and firmware modules, it is possible to customize the sensor according to the application.


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