LLT tensiometer to monitor solar panels hold

LLT tensiometer to monitor solar panels hold

Before realizing solar panel installations on support structure, tear tests are necessary. They allow to monitor stability of the panel and guarantee more reliability and security to the entire structure. Tear tests are fundamental in order to ensure stability of the entire structure.

For these activities S2Tech proposes portable tensiometer series LLT.It has to be installed directly on ropes or wires used for tear tests. Built-in display allow real time displaying of measurements giving the possibility to make changes to the structure, if necessary.

LLT tensiometer can be installed on wire ropes with diameter between 2 mm and 8 mm and it can accept a maximum load of 500 Kg. Design and compact dimensions simplify installation in reduced spaces. Sample rate of measurement is between 10 and 80 Hz, according to the application.


Beside on solar panels, LLT tensiometer can be used on life lines, to guarantee tensioning of ropes on which operators are held on high structures.


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