Level sensors for tanks

Level sensors for tanks

Filling of tanks is an activity that should be subjected to a continuous control of material level added in the tank. This can avoid overload problems or difficulties in filling the tank.

Liquid or solid material inserted in tanks can be dangerous fo the measuring sensor. For this reason it is necessary to use sensors able to resist to erosion.

S2Tech proposes level transducers series PCS III. They have a measuring range between 100 mm and 3000 mm (with steps of 50 mm). They are robust, accurate and resistant to shock and vibrations.

These sensors are based on magnetostrictive technology. It allows to measure, digitally and continuously, the position of the magnetic float compared to the probe without friction between the parts.

Digital output (RS485 interface) makes possible to connect the sensor to a datalogger to display register and save measurement values. These can be always available in the Cloud.

It is possible to customize the unit to convert the measurement of the float position in volume, whenever the trasducer is immersed in irregularly shaped tanks. A filter function can be activated in order to reduce the effect of possible waves on the measurement.

These transducers can be used in different application fields, as for example, pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry.


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