Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 is based on three fundamental characteristics:

  • Centralization of information
  • Continuous availability of data
  • Permanent storage of data

All information and data should be available everywhere and at every time, using different devices. They should be stored in the so called “Cloud”. An unphysical but permanent archive where all information about measurements, activities and applications are collected.

It can be possible using smart sensors (also called IoT sensors). Their smartness comes from the fact that there is a connection and an integration between them and functionalities of data processing and data communication.

They are characterized by a wireless connection, so that different sensors can be installed away from each other, but their data can always reach the Cloud. These sensors have to be flexible and adaptable, in order to be used easily in different applications.

Interconnection and digitalization are fundamental as well. Without digital sensors or devices, Industry 4.0 cannot exist. All sensors should have a digital electronic that can be connected to a software, able to read their measures and store them forever.

Exchange of data and information can occur only online, using virtual archives where they can be read every moment, from every device.

S2Tech has already approached the world of Industry 4.0 for some years. We had some experiences in applications on high voltage cables, using different kind of tension meter sensors.

Moreover, S2Tech offers digital and wireless load cells and dynamometers that can be connected to a software, using an USB dongle. This dongle can read signal coming from up to 126 sensors simultaneously. The software allows to display, store and save measurement values coming from the connected sensors.

It makes possible to set audible and visual alarms in case of thresholds overcoming.


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