ES291D41 bi-axial transducer for tilt/vertical rotation measurement

After long reali life testing, we present the new ES291D41 transducer for dual axis tilt measurement, for iron and steel making applications.

The Es291D41 transducer is based on a well tested electronics with MEMS sensor of the ES270 series, suggested in an armored execution suited for use in steel making plants, where measurement is to be done near AC/DC ovens, with high temperatures, high electrical disturbs, eddy currents, vibrations, etc., being in position to provide to the oven control room a digital measurement through long transmission lines, subject to high disturbs.

Measurement ranges axis  X /Y (toward horizontal plane): ± 14,5°, ±30°, ±45°

Measurement range rotation, vertical plane orthogonal to horizontal plane: ± 180°

Electrical connection: with CANopen line and possible use of protocol converters, to connect the transducer to Profibus networks, etc.