ES280 triaxial accelerometer for vibration analysis

ES280 triaxial accelerometer for vibration analysis

Triaxial accelerometer Series ES280 allows vibration analysis on different types of equipments and machinery, as for example compressors. In automation industry is always necessary to do a preventive and predictive maintenance, even through vibration analysis. This can avoid unexpected machine downtimes.

ES280 sensor has a measuring range of ±2,5 g (for acceleration measurement) and ±90° (for inclination measurement). High accuracy guarantees reliability over time. It is a multifunctional instrument and it is able to detect acceleration and inclination (as oprion) peaks.

Standard version of the product is characterized by RS485 Modbus output. As option, ES280 accelerometer can be supplied with CANopen output. Both versions can be connected to a datalogger or a PLC to show, register and save measurement values.

Stainless steel case allows the sensor to be used in external environments and with extreme temperatures (from -25°C to +70°C).


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