Una sede in Milano,
a ridotto impatto ambientale.

Per la progettazione e l'assemblaggio dei nostri
prodotti, con il supporto di Fornitori selezionati
Progettazione meccanica
mediante FEM

per un approccio scientifico
alle più disparate esigenze applicative
Un Team di professionisti
in ambito ingegneristico

per realizzare Hardware, Firmware, Software
Consulenza applicativa ed esperienza
nei settori più disparati.
Realizzazione di
soluzioni Personalizzate

per consentirvi di concentrarvi
sul valore aggiunto delle Vostre applicazioni
Un Team di produzione
giovane e motivato

attento alle esigenze del Cliente
e pronto a rispondere con professionalità
alle richieste più disparate
Un ambiente di lavoro
a misura d'uomo

per contribuire alla realizzazione ottimale
di prodotti d'eccellenza
Produzione monitorata
per fornirVi la qualità richiesta

controlli intermedi di produzione e
verifiche funzionali computerizzate
per garantire la costanza delle prestazioni

S2Tech designs and maufactures load cells and weighing systems

S2Tech designs, manufactures and sells measuring transducers and instruments for industrial and scientific applications.

Years of experience

S2Tech was founded in 2010, but its history started many years before. It inherited experience and knowledge by DS Europe, as well its measuring solutions and will to improve itself, thanks to its working team.

S2Tech today

The company, located in Milan, is able to evaluate the best solution for your requests and needs. Thanks to its experience in mechanical industry, electronics and technology for measuring systems and sensor, S2Tech can propose you the most appropriate products. Our transducers can be used in industrial applications, for research and development, for quality control and every kind of applications where mesasurement of different parameters is needed. Here below you can find the main application fields:













We manufacture capacitive and magnetostrictive transducers. We are at your disposal to evaluate your needs in order to propose you the best product. We provide product kits designed, realized and customized by our company.

Not only standard products

We offer customized solutions, designed and manufactured according to specific Customers’ needs, in order to obtain the best solution of application. We are able to analyse each application using CAD 3D systems and FEM analysis instruments.