Pin load cells MD4000 and MD5000

We have updated the information referable to the standard Pin load cells for this class of transducers, adding all the available options and updating the overall dimensions. We are ready to customize these transducers, with measuring ranges and customized dimesions, electrical connections, materials and integrated amplifiers, specifically for Your application. For the transducers of highest […]

Weight controller / limiter update

We inform that we updated the information on the products to be used for weight measurement systems to be used in lift and in lifting applications, adding a new line of products developed during recent years and renewing contents and characteristics of existing products.   New 699Plus product versions have been added, the Multirope MRL […]

LP660 and LP660 Pressure transducer update

These transducers  have been updated as external housing, allowing the option of M12 – 5 poles (A coding) male connectors. Older electrical connector DIN43650 is still available as standard product configuration. Transducer’s overall dimension is consequently modified, with a little increase in height from the older versions, moving from 80 mm to a maximum of […]

EQF – Rope Equalization Tensioning system Update

We inform that the EQF system – to monitor and equalize rope tensioning on lift applications – has been updated and the tablet used to collect and process/report information form the installed sensors, moving from the older 7″ unit to a wider 10.1″ version (with detachable hardware keyboard) . The Windows® program has been consequently […]

Update of PT500 cantilever load cells

We have updated the information referable to our PT500 cantilever load cells, with the extension ot he measuring ranges up to  ±3.000 Kg, with the miniature PT120 with± 80 Kg FS measuring range and the use of PT500 transudcer to measure tensioning force of metal ropes, in fixed position (like as in sailing boats, or […]

KC – information on cantilever load cells

We inform that the web site has been updated with a new series of cantilever load cells, used as load limiter for lifting systems, with measuring ranges 2.500 and 6.800 Kg. These transducers can be used also to build measurement systems for distributed loads, to weight silos or tanks, as dynamometers for general purpose applications. […]

SM100 Load cell update

We inform that information of the SM100 load cells have been updated, to be used in the measurement of tension force of plastic films, paper, warp and other continuous material. These sensors are used as support of rolls that deviates the material path.   The fork shape allows a fast change of the roll from its […]

699Plus load controller Instruction Manuals

A new series of updated instruction manuals for our 699Plus weight controllers – to be used on lift and lifting applications – has been released. These documents have been defined in two versions, to fit different application environments: S2Tech srl is engaged in a green approach to protect the environment and reduce the use of […]

EG off-center Load Cells

we inform that we have updated the information referable to this product series, for industrial weighing applications. These load cells have been designed with a geometry of the measurement element that minimize the effect of the off- center loads on the measurement.   Are especially flexible in their use, allowing their application in demanding applications, also […]

699Plus weight controller update

We inform that the electronic boards of the weight controller /limiters 699Plus are being updated, from this month deliveries. Power Supply (Screw  Terminals 1 and 2): + 24 Vdc (-20/+10%) 50 mA consumption  and inrush current max 1 A + 12 Vdc (-20/+10%) 100 mA consumption  and inrush current max 300 mA AC Power Supply […]