CANopen load cells on board vehicles

CANopen load cells on board vehicles

On bulldozers and other industrial or agricultural vehicles, it is inecessary to realize load measurements. On this kind of vehicles it is already present a CANopen interface.

For this reason S2Tech proposes transducers with Modbus or CANopen output for a simpler integration on board.

MD4000 load cells by S2Tech are available with measuring range up to 100 Ton. They have a high accuracy (total error ≤±0,2% FS) and a sensitivity of 1 mV/V. Their IP65 case guarantees the transducer to be used in difficult environments, subjected to extreme temperatures and weather.

Measuring body can be realized in high-resistance steel or in stainless steel, according to the application.

Different versions of the transducers are available:

  • Standard (S): standard production
  • Long (L): realized according to customer needs
  • G: for a generic industrial use
  • Premium (P): pfor applications where specific certificates are requested



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