APP for Rope Tensioning Equalization System (EQF)

APP for Rope Tensioning Equalization System (EQF)

For installation of new lifts it is important to control and monitor the correct tensioning of the ropes. For these activities S2Tech has developed the EQF system.

To display easier measurements coming from sensors of the system, S2Tech has developed a free application for smartphone and tablet, available for Android and iOS. Mobile devices, where the app is installed, can be connected, through Bluetooth, to an HUB, a signal concentrator. To the HUB can be connected up to 12 sensors simultaneously.

The APP has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

It allows:

  • to display individual tensions identified on individual ropes
  • to define a tolerance band on the average tensioning value
  • to indicate the total weight

Statistical indicators help the operator during the activities and a report can be downloaded at the end.


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